The London Clojurians Community

Welcome to the London Clojurians, a beginner friendly community helping each other be successful with Clojure, Clojurescript and Functional Programming.

Clojure is a general purpose programming language that is simple, powerful and so much fun to work with. Create a project, fire up your REPL and enjoy coding again.

Communicating with the Community

You can reach out to the Clojure community via:

Getting Started with Clojure or Clojurescript

To start coding in Clojure you can use a build tool called Leiningen and the Java runtime (JRE). Create a project with lein new project-name and start the Clojure project REPL with lein repl

For Clojurescript you can use Leiningen & Figwheel. Or if you prefer to run on Node.js you can use Plank or Lumo

Beginner friendly resources for learning Clojure include:

Recommended editors / IDEs for Clojure include:


We run around 50 events per year through the London Clojurians meetup community, that’s nearly one a week, so there are many chances to get involved. Each event is beginner-friendly, so anyone can join in. All events respect our code of conduct, ensuring a safe and respectful environment.

See our calendar of events

Coding Dojos

Coding dojos are a great way to practice Clojure within a small group, helping you build up your confidence with the language. Ideas are suggested at each event then we split into groups of 2-4 people, tackling one of the ideas and showing what was learnt at the end.

There are two coding dojo’s run each month via the London Clojurians meetup community:

  • 2nd Monday - uSwitch - near Tower Bridge
  • Last Tuesday - Thoughtworks - near Piccadilly Circus

Clojure Workshop @HackTheTower

Each month there is a Clojure workshop from 10.30am until 5pm, held in the City of London. The workshop attempts to build a working application or follow a complete tutorial on a specific topic or library.

Topics in the past have ranged from understanding the clojure.core functions, modeling data, server-side & client-side web-apps and functional reactive web-apps.

The workshop is aimed at those with a basic understanding of the Clojure syntax, although we have had complete beginners there too who have enjoyed the day.

ClojureBridge London

An all-day workshop to support and encourage those from under-represented groups to get into programming, using a basic Clojure curriculum. As this group is run predominantly by women, the main focus of is on encouraging other cis-women and transgender-women, as their needs are more readily understood. Should you wish to run a ClojureBridge event for your own community, please contact the

The next event is in June 2017

Talk Nights (1st Tueday of the month)

We have a long history of talks on Clojure and the wider aspects of Functional Programming. The first Tuesday of the month we run a talk night at SkillsMatter.

Our talks are typically one of the following styles:

  • A lightning Talk (5-15 minutes)
  • A main talk (40-60 minutes)
  • A workshop (60-90 minutes)

Please complete the following form if you would like to volunteer to speak

We want to hear about your experiences developing with Clojure as well as your journey into functional programming. If you are using Clojure for work you definitely have something worth sharing.

Talks are recorded by our hosts, SkillsMatter, and available via website. If you do not wish your talk to be recorded, simply let us know.

We welcome anyone to submit a talk or get in touch with the if you want to know more.

ClojureX Annual Conference

For the last 7 years we have run our annual conference with our community partner, SkillsMatter

ClojureX is a 2-day single track conference with a broad range of international and local speakers. Topics for each conference are gathered from the community in our Call for ….

We welcome anyone to submit a talk for ClojureX 2017 conference through our call for papers, open from April 2017

See the videos from our previous ClojureX events in 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011