The London Clojure Group

We are people who live and/or work in London and are interested in programming in Clojure.

Currently our main activities are 2 monthly dojos where we help one another to learn Clojure and provide a chance to code that our day jobs may not allow and talks at SkillsMatter.

We also organise occasional lunches, hack days, reading groups, sprints and other events.

If you have an idea of an event you’d like to organise let us know on the mailing list or in person. We’ll help you to put on the event. All of our events and activities are covered by our Code of Conduct to make them friendly and welcoming to everyone.

Upcoming events

We maintain a calendar of London Clojurians events here.


We hold talks at SkillsMatter on the first Tuesday of the month every month except January and December.

If you would like to speak at our monthly event, please email the London Clojurian organisers


We currently run two standard dojos per month, which are kindly hosted by uSwitch and ThoughtWorks. These dojos concentrate on solving programming kata in one session.

We also host an ‘episodal’ dojo, the Progressive Clojure Dojo (ProCloDo), that is building a Clojure/Clojurescript web application over a number of months. This is hosted at SkillsMatter

The dojo sign up pages and details will be announced closer to the events on the mailing list.

uSwitch Dojo

Dojos at uSwitch are on the second Monday of the month.

ThoughtWorks Dojo

Dojos at ThoughtWorks are on the last Tuesday of the month, except December.


The Progressive Clojure Dojo is currently building a Clojure/Clojurescript web application over a period of months. The intention is to give Clojurians who don’t write much/any Clojure in their day job to explore the disciplines involved in building, testing and deploying an application. Keep an eye on the London Clojurians SkillsMatter page for sign up details.

Yearly Conference

Tickets are already available for our yearly London Conference at Skills Matter. You can find out more on the 2016 Clojure eXchange page

The Call for Papers for talk submissions is currently open. If you have an interesting library, project, perspective or experiences about Clojure or Clojurescript to share please submit a 30 min or 10 min talk

Talk to us

There is London Clojurians Google group where you discuss any projects you are working on or any events the user group should be putting on.

You can also find us on freenode irc on the #ldnclj channel and on slack.